Online Catalog and Databases

The library resources can be searched and viewed using our Follett Destiny Quest online catalog.  The catalog can be searched using computers in the library, from the classrooms, and from home.  The catalog is also accessible from mobile devices - tablets and smartphones.

Using the catalog, students can see what books, magazines, and other resources we have in the library.  Students can see the status of a book or magazine - whether a book is IN or OUT.  

The Destiny Quest catalog can be accessed by clicking on the following link and icon. 

HES Destiny Quest Catalog 

HES Destiny Quest Online  Catalog

Destiny Quest Tutorial Video 1:- Finding Destiny on the HES Website

Destiny Quest Tutorial Video 2 - Starting a Search and Narrowing Search
Destiny Quest Tutorial Video 3 - Looking at Search Results

The Hildreth Elementary School library is part of the Massachusetts Library System (MLS).  With that, students have access to state online resources which include encyclopedias, databases, newspapers, and other reference materials.   Students have access to resources such as the following:

- Kids InfoBits
- Encyclopedia Britannica Library - Children's Edition
- Encyclopedia Britannica School 
- Encyclopedia Britannica Spanish Escolar (K-8)
- The Boston Globe (1980 to present)
- The New York Times (1985+)

Students can access these resources from school and home using the link and icon below.

HES Gale Online Resources 

Added May 1, 2016
Revised May 8, 2016